Jennifer Thomas is offering Christmas Gift Baskets!

Her Profile PicChristmas Gift Basket

Click on this link for information:

I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer Thomas. Her amazingly beautiful music has inspired me creatively while working on photography, writing, sharing spiritual things on the internet, or driving in my car. Jennifer’s music is so obviously inspired by God! I especially love the composing that Jennifer and God have collaborated on in order to feature the awesome sounds of His thunder on her Illumination CD. I get chills every time I listen to her music.

If you want to hear the amazing music of Jennifer Thomas and be blessed beyond measure, I have provided you within the comments links to two videos. Enjoy!

I have also included many links for where you can find her on the internet, including a link to where you can purchase her music. She offers both CD’s and Sheet Music!

Watch Jennifer Thomas — ILLUMINATION Video:

Watch Jennifer Thomas — REQUIEM FOR A TOWER Video:

Christmas Tree Background Image Credit…/uploads/2014/11/1212.jpg


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