December Full Moon

Moon's Pink Glow

I was completely in awe of the full moon in the early morning hours of December 17, 2013 in Minnesota. God provided us with a beautiful full moon including pink & purple glowing haze. He even gave us a rainbow around the moon before the clouds lifted.

Here is a link to my facebook photo album with five photographs of yesterday morning’s December Full Moon:


2 thoughts on “December Full Moon”

    1. Clarabelle,

      I read your poem and it fits so beautifully with my photograph of last December’s full moon. You are an excellent writer!

      I apologize for not approving this link to your poem many months ago. Between the time that I posted this photograph in December and April 18th, all of my efforts have been concentrated on my photography business facebook page and I hadn’t even visited my blog.

      I hope that you have a beautiful day!


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